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Whisperings of my Soul
My name is Fr Sean Hyland; I am a curate in the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin, I live in my home town of Portarlington, Co Laois and minister in Clonbullogue and Rhode parishes.
I am a mature candidate to the priesthood, having lost my wife Liz through cancer in December 2008. I studied at the Pontifical Beda College in Rome, and was ordained a priest in my home town of Portarlington in 2014.
After the death of our two young children in the 1970s, I spent a number of years in darkness, anger and questioning. During those years Liz was the light, the energy the source of optimism in my life. Liz had a deep and unshakable faith; I retained a tenuous connection to my Christian faith by walking along side Liz in her faith journey. In parallel I tried to reason my way through the apparent chaos that surrounded me, by trying to discover if there was order, reason or intelligence behind the origin and operation of the universe. I did this by extensive reading on science, philosophy and religion, from quantum physics to cosmology and everything in between. Did my children still exist in another dimension, if so I was going to find out all I could about it? I read the three subjects concurrently to try and ensure I did not go down any fundamentalist path.
The combination of the results of my searching and Liz’s daily example of a faith filled life, eventually brought me to the unquestionable reality of the existence of a creative intelligence behind the origin and operation of the universe. And without the slightest doubt that this is, the Divine Intelligence revealed in the Bible. This opened a path for me to begin to join Liz more fully in her faith filled journey. With Liz as my example and guide, my spiritual life especially the acceptance of Gods will as an essential part of my journey through life progressively developed.
I began to realize how frequently and easily we can blot out Gods voice in our lives. Grasping and accepting this was an essential part of my joining Liz on her faith filled journey.
I channeled the raw anger I felt during those early years, into a source of energy targeted towards aggressively attaining career goals. I became a recognized leader in world class manufacturing and headed many startups, including the setting up of Hewlett Packard Manufacturing in Ireland at Liffey Park, Leixlip in 1995.
I was all but consumed with grief and at the lowest ebb in my life with Liz’s death in December 2008, as I called out to Jesus in desolation. My prayer of desperation was answered by the most awesome and beautiful consolations of faith that any soul on this earth could ask for. I was granted an insight into God’s love and mercy, by way of my loved ones being permitted to reach me and assure me beyond all possible doubt, how safe and well they are united in the love the peace and the compassion of Jesus and how much they are aware of my everyday events and how constantly they intercede for me.
I received these Consolations by way of dreams, locutions, visions and experiences. About 30 from December 2008 untill the present time.  About 10 0f these were my own experiences or messages within my family. 20 were other people outside my family coming to me with messages or externally verifiable experiences.   
This was the catalyst of my call to the priest hood and is the source of energy that and motivates and sustains me every day. I will give three quick examples of the earliest messages.
·        Morning of Lizs funeral: An amazing  internalisation of how lucky how blessed I was to have shared my life with Liz for 42 years
·        Message/Locution to my sister May from Liz: 1st January 2019, 13 days after Lizs death. Asking May  her to let me know how safe and well she is united with Seana and Kieran and they are looking out for me .
·        Message from Liz to my ex boss Lionel in a dream June 2019: Exact same message as May. Linoel described the dress Liz was wearing in the dream. The first significant gift I had bought for Liz.
I believe my new book “Whisperings of My Soul”, will provide consolation and affirmation to many people in their faith, and give many more a reason to re-examine the value of their busyness in terms of ignoring the Divine dimensions of our journey through this life.
Divided into three parts, Part One of the book focuses on my time as husband and father and my journey to the priesthood, whereas Parts Two and Three focus on what I believe to be overwhelming and undeniable empirical data and scientific evidence validating the existence of God and how he reveals himself in our world.
It is my fervent hope in writing this book  that my words reach other troubled people who need the love and support of Jesus and his Blessed Mother. I want people to know how close they are and how they will comfort anyone who asks for help.”
My hope and firm belief is that for those who have concerns for loved ones, partners, children, siblings, grand children or friends who may have strayed and lost their way. That part Two and Three will be a gift in helping them find their way back to their true home.
A more graphic background to the book can be viewed via a short video at the i Catholic web site.
Bishop Denis Nulty and Jim Moriarity Emeritus Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin launched the book on December 7th.
Veritas the major distributor of religious/spiritual books in Ireland have now taken on distribution rights nationwide. It has been their highest selling book for December and each month since, to date May 2019. They distribute to Eason’s and many book shops in major towns across Ireland.
I have set up a face book page to update readers and potential readers on the progress of Whisperings of My Soul. Address is
The book can be purchased in Easons all major book shops via Amazon UK and Kindle E/book
One Man’s Journey from Husband & Father to Amazing Grace & the Priesthood
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