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Demographics of World Wide Belief Systems:
Most people find the results on the demographics of believers, which are validated by several world-wide surveys absolutely stunning. It takes a lot of time for these surveys to be conducted, compiled and published. So of necessity the numbers I quote are a few years old. In broad terms they are based on a world population of 7 Billion people. It finds over 5.8 billion who profess a belief in a Divine Creator: This includes all faiths and creeds including indigenous religions: Several reputably surveys, all referenced in Whisperings of My Soul, from different sources over a number of years, concur on mid-eighties percent:  84% or over 5.8 Billion people. (2019 world population is 7.7 Billion people. Recent census validate percentages remain broadly the same)
Of the over 5.8 Billion people who profess belief in a Divine Creator, 3.8 Billion, or well over half the people in the world belong to the Abrahamic religions. Christians, Muslims and Jews who all believe in the Old Testament account of Creation. (Not necessarily a literal interpretation)
Those who profess to be card carrying atheists are just over 2% which equates to about one hundred and fifty million people:
Therefore the balance approximately  1 billion are  Agnostics: Broadly meaning people who say they do not know whether there is a  Divine Creator and they don’t really care. However it’s been my experience with this group, that when they hit the bumps on life’s road, which are inevitable, most are comfortable for their mother to say a prayer for them.
This well validated world-wide demographic, of the percentage of believers in a divine creator being:
·         84% or well over 8 out of every 10 people.
·         55% or 3.8 billon people believe in the creator God of the Bible. Not necessarily a literal interpretation, i.e. a day could be two billion years. The early days of Genesis occur, before God created the sun, moon and stars, therefore time as we know it, measured by rotation of the earth and sunlight did not exist.        
Seems to be one of the world’s best kept secrets, one must surely ask why?  
                                                          PEW Research

Can 84% of World Population / 5.8 Billion People Be Wrong?
It’s a fair question to ask, if we believe the facts revealed in the PEW survey and there is no logical reason not to. How can we reconcile a sharp and accelerating decline in religious practise?
I address this in a later article on this web site.
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