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Greatest Story Never Told
The Best Kept Secrets of the past 20 Years:
In my recently launched book “Whisperings of My Soul” I included a brief chapter on God’s Revelation in the World Today.  Many have expressed amazement at how the few facts detailed, relating to the latest Scientific Discoveries on the Origins of the Universe appear to have been largely kept hidden or obscured  from the general public.  The purpose of this web site is to detail some of these facts in a simple narrative fashion that is hopefully enjoyable and not too difficult to follow.
After the tragic deaths of our two young children in the 1970s, I read extensively on science, philosophy and religion. I had to reason my way through the chaos. If anyone, anywhere, knew where or how our children might still exist in another dimension, I wanted to know about it.
After a number of years of reading and reasoning: It became absolutely clear to me, from the evidence being uncovered by scientific investigations that there was intelligence behind the origin and of the universe. It also became clear that the forces or laws of nature are fined tuned to an extraordinary degree, so as to facilitate the emergence and development of life. This being so leads to some inevitable conclusions about the nature of that intelligence. How we interpret these facts leads to our world view. But let us examine some of these facts/evidences uncovered by science in recent years before we move to conclusions.
Before we dive into these facts/evidences I would like to set the scene: By taking a peek at how world views are being perceived or felt by the younger generations today. These examples are broadly from across three perspectives, one a sociological one a philosophical and one a scientific.  
The results of a survey conducted in the UK in late 2019 by Yakult. This generation of 18 to 29 year olds were asked what meaning /value did they see in life.  89% responded they see/experience no value or meaning to this life. The detail and the consequential results in terms of increasing incidents of drug usage, violent assaults, murder and suicide   are self-evident.
The current bestselling, self-help book world-wide, is by Dr Jordon Peterson titled 12 Rules for Life. An Antidote to chaos
This book is taking the world by storm, especially with younger generations. It is a book that offers some great wisdom on how to live our lives. It does not claim to be a religious book in any sense. However its very core is grounded on a summary of two aspects of the teachings of Jesus.
The first aspect is of the teaching of Jesus which is often referred to as the Golden Rule - Do onto others as you would have them do to you.
The second aspect is an articulation of the virtues as taught by Jesus:
The theological virtues being: Faith, Hope and Love.
The cardinal virtues being: Fortitude. Justice, Prudence and Temperance.
Dr Peterson does a great job of setting this teaching in a modern sociological context and expressing it in modern language.
Foreword by Norman Doidge:
Over the years, (former) Harvard and (current) University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Peterson has developed what he believes to be a definitive set of rules for leading a successful and fulfilling life.
Originally conceived of with 40 rules, Peterson has condensed them into a well thought out, manageable list of 12 total rules that he shares in this book.
He believes strongly in truth telling, human hierarchy and gender roles. He believes that suffering is an inevitable aspect of life, that we can usher in heaven or hell on earth and that people have it within themselves to create order out of chaos.
It’s also worth noting that this is an aggressive, in-your-face kind of Self-Help book — one which he packages and presents as the intersection of ancient wisdom and scientific research.
Much of the ancient wisdom seems to come from religious scripture, while the scientific research serves as a way to back up the beliefs the author already holds dear to his heart. Nonetheless however—regardless of whether you consider yourself religious, un-religious, or somewhere in between—this is a powerful book that can help you develop a higher sense of self-discipline and self-reliance.
23/03/2019. WASHINGTON:  The annual Templeton Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to “affirming life’s spiritual dimension,” was awarded Tuesday to Brazilian Marcelo Gleiser-a theoretical physicist dedicated to demonstrating that science and religion are not enemies.  A physics and astronomy professor whose specializations include cosmology, 60-year-old Gleiser was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been in the United States since 1986.  An agnostic, he doesn’t believe in God - but refuses to write off the possibility of God’s existence completely.

“Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method,” Gleiser said from Dartmouth College, the New Hampshire University where he has taught since 1991.  “Atheism is a belief in non-belief. So you categorically deny something you have no evidence against. I’ll keep an open mind because I understand that human knowledge is limited,“he-added.
These three examples appear to demonstrate, that humankind in particular in the western hemisphere, and especially amongst the younger generations. Having experimented with and practised a largely and progressively more hedonistic life style since the 1960s. That is in relation to the pursuit of selfish pleasures to the extremes, regarding drugs, sex, relationships etc. Now largely find little meaning or value and little pleasure in this life style and are hungry for a deeper meaning to the purpose of their existence.
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