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Greatest Story Never Told
The Best Kept Secrets of the past 20 Years:

In my recently launched book “Whisperings of My Soul” I included a brief chapter on God’s Revelation in the World Today.  Many have expressed amazement at how the few facts detailed, relating to the latest Scientific Discoveries on the Origins of the Universe appear to have been largely kept hidden or obscured  from the general public.

In the following article I outline even more revealing facts on this best kept secret of the past 20 years.  By way of setting the scene, I will begin with two recent quotes from eminent scientists, reported on CBN News in March and April 2019, and an insight from the No 1 International Bestselling Book for 2018/19.
23/03/2019.  WASHINGTON:  The annual Templeton Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to “affirming life’s spiritual dimension,” was awarded Tuesday to Brazilian Marcelo Gleiser-a theoretical physicist dedicated to demonstrating that science and religion are not enemies.  A physics and astronomy professor whose specializations include cosmology, 60-year-old Gleiser was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been in the United States since 1986.  An agnostic, he doesn’t believe in God - but refuses to write off the possibility of God’s existence completely.

“Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method,” Gleiser said from Dartmouth College, the New Hampshire University where he has taught since 1991.  “Atheism is a belief in non-belief. So you categorically deny something you have no evidence against.  I’ll keep an open mind because I understand that human knowledge is limited,” he added.

Gleiser has also explored in depth how science and religion both try to respond to questions on the origins of life and the universe.  “The first thing you see in the Bible is a story of creation,” he said.
“Whatever your religion, everybody wants to know how the world came to be.”  This fundamental curiosity unites science and religion, though each provides very different answers: science has a methodology, where hypotheses are eliminated.

“Science can give answers to certain questions, up to a point,” Gleiser pointed out.  “This has been known for a very long time in philosophy, it’s called the problem of the first cause: we get stuck.  We should have the humility to accept that there’s mystery around us.”

Scientific arrogance:
For Gleiser, who grew up in Rio’s Jewish community, religion is not just about belief in God: it provides a sense of identity and community.
“At least half of the world population is that way,” he said.  “It’s extremely arrogant for scientists to come down from their ivory towers and make these declarations without understanding the social importance of belief systems.

When you hear very famous scientists making pronouncements like … cosmology has explained the origin of the universe and the whole and we don’t need God anymore, that’s complete nonsense,” he added “because we have not explained the origin of the universe at all.”
There Was a Beginning’

Famous Geophysicist Explains Why
Christian Creation Theory Makes Sense

Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author of New York Times bestseller, “Darwin’s Doubt.”  Despite not being a Christian himself, after years of scientific study, Meyer came to the conclusion that there simply must be an intelligent designer behind our creation.

In addition, contrary to many within his discipline, Meyer believes that expert scientific study of the origins of the universe can conclude a number of assertions that are in common with the central tenets of theistic beliefs.  In a wide-ranging interview on the Ben Shapiro Show, Meyer also criticized Darwin’s evolutionary theory as being unable to answer the biggest question of all — how did life actually begin?


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