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Conclusions by Scientists: to all these discoveries?
The result of these recent discoveries is that many and an increasing number of eminent scientists in relevant disciplines such as cosmology, physics, biology etc., now agree there is no longer any rational basis not to acknowledge that there is a creative intelligence behind the origin of the universe.
Yet inevitably you’ll still hear that old chestnut: “There’s no such thing as God. It all started with the big bang.”
Science isn’t even close to figuring out the origin of the universe. But people assume science has sorted it all out. This is where the saying “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing’’ comes in. The only ones who think science knows it all are people who know a little bit of scientific information and think they know a lot. The experts are not so confident that they have it all figured out.
The most intelligent men and women on earth are still struggling to figure out the mysteries of this world with its breath-taking and incredible complexity. More and more of them are starting to believe that something far greater than we can conceive of has had a hand in its complex design.
     Let’s take a helicopter view of what conclusions two of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th/21s Century arrived at from all of these discoveries.
Einstein stated that just as we now accept the fact that the universe had a beginning. We must equally accept the fact that the laws/forces of nature which govern the universe predate that beginning.
Stephan Hawking stated that in accepting that the universe had a beginning. We must equally accept that the beginning of the universe had a causal agent outside of time and space.

In response to a young girl who had asked him whether he believed in God, Einstein   wrote: “everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe—a Spirit vastly superior to that of man.” And during a talk at Union Theological Seminary on the relationship between religion and science, Einstein declared: “the situation may be expressed by an image: science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Many of us know the name of the creator of these laws of nature, the name of that causal agent. Not alone do we know his name we have come to know him personally. His name is God, and we have come to know him personally in the person of Jesus.

I, like many others, including 51% of scientists in America would add, if one accepts that there is a creative intelligence behind the origin of the universe, it surly follows as night follows day, that if that creative intelligence went to the trouble of creating such a complex universe, including human life, the only species in this vast universe that we know of, that can reason about and acknowledge this creative intelligence, that intelligence probably had a good reason for doing so.  Again if they went to that much trouble they would most likely provide something like a hand book to let us know why they did it, and what it is they want of us.
The only guide/book in the world that comes anywhere close to this is the Bible

In addition to the evidences of the existence of God presented above under Science/Intelligent Design and The Numbers of World Wide believers in a Divine Creator.
Next you will see presented an account of three specific Miracles, the artefacts of which were investigated and analysed using the latest technological processes and  scientific techniques, these not only validated the original claims but uncovered many even more amazing manifestations un explainable by science.
I then recommend a particular scientific link  www.crediblecatholic which presents more of these facts in a very structured way. In addition it presents evidences from a Medical Perspective. Drawn from the study of hundreds of  well documented and verified  Near Death Experiences. It provides irrefutable evidence of how the conscious mind survives death and aspects of what it experiences.

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