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Ecological Disasters

End Times
Earthquakes and volcanoes have occurred on the earth since its earliest beginnings.
They occur because the earth’s crust is composed of a series of very large sections (referred to as plates).  These sections formed as crust over the molten metal or lava as the earth began to cool at its earliest beginnings. However these plates continued to move. As they bump and the edge of one slide beneath the other, they generate friction causing earth quakes. While earth quakes are a natural phenome that have existed since the earliest times. Many observers say they are and have been increasing in frequency and intensity at an alarming rate over the past ten years. While many semiologists argue, this is probably in large part due to our ability to measure more precisely and accurately in recent years. Most agree with the reality of increasing frequency and intensity. They  advise that the nature of the movement of these plates is leading to ever increasing tensions at the meeting of these plates which like a spring being would up, will inevitably lead to massive earthquakes in the near future. Volcanoes which are invariable triggered by these increasing tensions: Are again agitating and smouldering at ever increasing frequencies and intensities.
Let Us Recall:
2004: The massive earth quake 9.2 on the Richter scale. It occurred in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Indonesia in 2004. It created the devastating tsunami which it is estimated caused 230,000 deaths across 14 countries. Imagine what this might feel like on a larger and more frequent scale.
2005: The flooding caused by hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005. It is estimated it caused 1200 deaths and $123 Billion worth of damage.
2019: The Australian wild fires in 2019 which it is estimated destroyed 15million acres of land and over 1500 homes.
Plagues and pestilences are also increasing in frequency and intensity. We just have to recollect epidemics of  Sars in China-2002, Ebola in West Africa-2014,Zika in South America-2015,Mers in Middle East-2016,  and now most recently Covid 19 –Worldwide, in order to realize this. In addition there is an ongoing pestilence of locusts ravaging the Middle East and parts of Africa which will lead to extreme food shortages if not outright famine in these countries in the next few years?
In addition Governments across the world have stockpiled sufficient armaments of mass destruction. Composed of Nuclear, Biological and Conventional weapons to annihilate the population of the world many times over:
Before we move now to look at Biblical prophesies. We might think it almost sounds like a world Bob Dylan sang about in the 1960s.  The Times they are A Changing:   Or  Are We on the Eve of Destruction?.
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