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End Times Intro

End Times
                                               THE END TIMES.
The Opening Chapters of this website focus on what Science, Philosophy and Theology tell us about the origins and operation of the universe.
Our next chapter was planned to be on Phenomology. This discipline seeks to integrate and interpret the totality of the reality we encounter through science, philosophy, and our spiritual, emotional, and cultural experiences in the world today. However, recently I have been getting many questions on the end times. So we are now including a Chapter on The End Times. We will add the chapter on Phenomology at a later date.
So what if anything do we know about the final reality called The End Times?  What do Science, Philosophy and Theology say about the end times? Collectively they say a lot in terms of the what, where, how and when of events related to the end times.
It’s important to be clear that the End Times as used in this context does not imply the end of the world.  It does refer to the end of the world as we know it.
Many ancient cultures have had their interpretation and prophesies related to those end times including, the Aztecs and Incas of South America’, the Hopei Indians of North America, and the Aborigines’ of Australia. All of their futuristic calendars and prediction’s point to a paradigm shift or change in the nature of the world around this time i.e. the beginning of the 21st Century.  .
In the past few years there is an ever increasing convergence between, what the sciences and observations of nature on the one hand. Principally through Seismology, Volcanology and Epidemiology indicate, and on the other hand, what the calendars, and prophesies of these ancient cultures foretell about those times.
However the most explicit insights into those times are detailed in the Bible both in the Old and New Testemanent.  Many visionaries down the centuries have continued to outline and update the what, where, how and when of those times, including and maybe most significantly visionaries right up to the present day.
So the final Chapter of this website will seek to provide a summary of these indications of THE END TIMES. Most importantly what should we be doing to prepare for those times?

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