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Miracles/Jewels of Faith
"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted."
Job 5:9

In part 1 of my  book, I write about the many small, personal miracles that have graced my life and provided great consolation to me during the most difficult times of my life.
These consolations of faith have served as quiet assurances that God is
watching out for me and always helping me.   
But in this part of the book, I want to explore the many other times  when God reveals His great power and mercy in much greater ways. Miracles are signs of God and are precious jewels in our huge tapestry
of faith.Through many of His extraordinary miracles, he has inspired believers throughout the ages and all around the world to deeper faith and devotion.
These miracles are the equivalent of flashing neon signs pointing in the direction of God.
Each of them is a reminder that nothing is impossible when it come to God. They help to console us, to find fortitude and to renew our faith in times of trial and sorrow.
They demonstrate how real God is; how close he is to us; how much Jesus Mary and all the inhabitants of heaven care about us and are constantly seeking ways to help, encourage and support us in our life’s journey and our daily struggles.
Through His miracles, God gives believers and those doubting their faith a little extra help.
Many have tried to prove these miraculous phenomena are nothing more than deceptions and hoaxes.

These three miracles/apparitions have one significant aspect in common, which is the reason I choose them.  The artefacts of all three have been analysed in recent years by independent scientific laboratories using the latest scientific process and techniques. The results in all three cases, not only validate the original accounts related to the miracles, but have uncovered new and even more awesome  facts that cannot be dismissed or  be explained by science.
Yet despite modern investigations, they remain inexplicable to scientific and natural laws.
I want to explore just three of those jewels of faith that I am particularly drawn to and have great personal attachment to.
For me and other believers, they provide more irrefutable evidence of God revealing Himself to us in this world.  
One Man’s Journey from Husband & Father to Amazing Grace & the Priesthood
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