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Whisperings of my Soul
Objectives or Hopes
I had three hopes or objectives as I set out to write Whisperings of My Soul. There are three parts to the book; each part broadly corresponds to one of these hopes.
First Part 1: That my words would reach and bring comfort to other troubled people who need the love and support of Jesus and his Blessed Mother.
Feedback to date indicates this objective is being fulfilled more fully than I could ever have dared hope for.
Second Part 2: Details three miracles or apparitions that I have followed for many years.   Recently, in the past five years, the artefacts of all three have been subjected to rigorous analysis using the latest scientific techniques and processes. The results have not just validated the original facts and claims of the miracles but provided even more awesome insights that cannot be explained by natural laws or scientific theories.
One additional and awesome set of connections made by scientific evidence of the artefacts   between these miracles not detailed in the book is.
Scientific analysis of a fourth miracle, this being a Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina in 1996: A consecrated host dropped by accident was placed in a glass of water in the tabernacle  by a priest to allow it to disintegrate which is the normal process in this situation.  After several days the priest noticed that it had not dis integrated per the normal process but had turned into a bloody substance. It was photographed and left in the tabernacle for several years. In 1999 a sample was sent to a forensic scientist and cardiologist in New York for analysis. He was not informed of the source of the sample. He reported it to be real flesh and blood, a sliver of heart muscle. When the source was disclosed, the lab reports were compared with the lab reports from the artefacts of the Miracle of Lanciano which occurred in 850 in Italy, detailed in Whisperings of My Soul
 The forensic scientists concluded beyond question, both samples were from the same person. You may recall in the book the lab report from Lanciano checked the DNA against a sample from the Shroud of Turin and concluded they were from the same person. The eminent scientist and cardiologist who conducted the initial analysis was an avowed atheist, he immediately converted to Catholicism.   A video of this account can be viewed at Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires 1996.
My hope was that for  people whose faith was luke- warm at best and who might therefore find it difficult to fully accept the consolations and messages I detail in part one.  That they might after reading part two be more open to accepting how real and close heaven and all of its inhabitants are to us.
I have lots of good feedback that this is progressively becoming the case.
Third Part Three: Is the most complex, as it is targeted towards the most difficult potential readership. It comprises worldwide demographics on the numbers and different grades of belief in a Divine Creator and the most recent scientific theories on the origin of the universe. I am finding when people internalise the data and grasp the reality of both sets of facts they find it stunning, especially agonistics.
In part three, I endeavour to get the attention of people who may not have fully or adequately tested their beliefs systems against the most recent demographic and scientific facts. Part three was not my key focus when Whisperings of My Soul. So as I re-read it now, I know it’s a little obscure and less focused in how the data is presented than I would like it to be. I also have added additional and more recent data to this update of Part three. So the primary purpose of this web site is to make this data available to all who are seeking to understand what the most recent Scientific Discoveries say about the Origin and Operation of the Universe.

One Man’s Journey from Husband & Father to Amazing Grace & the Priesthood
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