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Poster Competition
The Greatest Story NEVER Told Letter

Dear Principal/Teachers of Religion/Universiy Students/Post Primary Students,

I am writing to ask for your cooperation in a Poster Competition for students.  Its objective is to make young people aware that science and faith are completely compatible.

It is based on the research of best-selling author, Fr. Seán Hyland who has established proof that science, instead of disproving God, is increasingly making a vigorous argument for a Divine Creator.

Details of his discoveries are revealed on his compelling Website ........

The Greatest Story NEVER Told makes an ideal accompaniment to discussion at both Science and Religious classes.

Having studied the facts he unfolds, the students are asked to design an A4 poster giving their reactions.

The overall individual entry will be awarded €5OO and a winning team entry (school or class) will receive €l,OOO.

The students' posters to be sent by email to Fr. Sean's website (for independent judging) by March 3lst, 2O2O.

I trust that you will appreciate the value to our young people of accepting that the link between science and faith is, in fact, The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

Your cooperation in this venture would be much appreciated.

One Man’s Journey from Husband & Father to Amazing Grace & the Priesthood
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