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History of Religions
Summary-Questions- Conclusions on: The Greatest Story Never Told.
Christopher Hitchin’s and Richard Dawkins were (Dawkins remains so) two of the most prominent and vocal spokesmen for the belief in atheism during the 20th /21stCentury. They have worked ardently to sell the atheistic world view, and have managed to convey the impression to many of the current younger generations.
That recent scientific discoveries have somehow provided evidence which dismisses the need for a Divine Creator behind the origin and operation of the universe:
Let’s review the background to this belief or non-belief world view.
An atheistic non-belief world view began to emerge in the 1600s when philosophers like Descartes began to question the existence of a Divine Creator. By the 1900s the view that the universe had always existed, and therefore there was no need for a Divine Creator, as had always been the accepted world view until the 1500s, became the dominant world view amongst many scientists and philosophers.
One of the first to seriously question this world view was Fr. George Lemaitre in the 1920s when he demonstrated mathematically that the universe was expanding. Edwin Hubble validated this theory in the following years by investigation and analysis of the light spectrum, specifically the red shift phenomena. The majority of scientists and philosophers continued to refute this, until it was definitely proven beyond all doubt in the 1960s, by developments in light spectrum analysis and with the support of the Hubble telescope. The reason this was resisted so strenuously by the majority of the scientific and philosophical communities was. That it inevitably led to the conclusion that if the universe is expanding, it then logically had to have a beginning. So emerges the big bang theory, meaning the universe seems to come into being out of now where and from nothing. So for many the case for a Divine Creator immediately and logically re-emerges.  
The results of scientific investigations over the succeeding years demonstrate time and time again just how finely tuned the laws/forces of nature are in terms of setting the universe up for the emergence and support of life on earth in all its awesome beauty and complexity. These laws of nature are not invented by scientists nor do they understand where they came from. They clearly preceded the big bang. They clearly demonstrate an awesome power and intelligence behind the origin and operation of the universe. This we know as the Divine Creator or God.
The alternate atheistic world view, which continues to be articulated by people like Richard Dawkins, is. The universe, meaning the beginning of space, time, and all the material in the universe and all the complex laws that govern its operation from the tiniest cell to the largest planets came into being from nothing and from nowhere.  
They assert that all this beauty and complexity came from nowhere, and is the result of blind random chemical interactions of atoms. Likewise they assert our ability to know good from evil is the result of blind biological forces with no guiding intelligence behind any of them. Therefore like Nietzsche, they assert there is no absolute good or evil, just useful conventions or traits which have evolved in our genes to assure the survival of the species.
For those who subscribe to this word view. I would like to pose the following two questions.
What scientific discovery, or which scientist or scientific theory do you believe gives rise to or supports this world view.
How many people or what % of the world population do you think absolutely believes this world view.
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